I have now seen Mirror Family in real life. xb
Man, they’re “costumes” sure are special and shiny. XD

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HTTYD 2 / Hiccup

I was getting teased at work for still liking animated characters but well.. 
*gestures to all of Hiccup* 

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Sims 3 Pets inspired me to do a thing, but I’m too tired right now, so Imma do it tomorrow.
But trust me. It’s gonna be hilarious! xb

My Sims 3 Pets install Wizard is on japanese. XD
WTF I don’t even!

My first ever daki and I am REALLY happy with how it turned out.

The quality of the print is absolutely amazing. Real HD right now. xb

I have already contacted the commissioner, who will be receiving the case in about 2 weeks at SVScon 2014.

No, I will NOT massproduce this nor sell another copy. This was a commission, therefor it’s a one of a kind.
Also, big annoying watermarks, so we don’t get anyone who wanna be a douche and print it themselves. It’d look horrible if they printed it straight off the internet though. The dpi wouldn’t be right and the print would not be worth it.

We demand selfie with the daki D:>

Sorry, I’ve already packed the daki down again, so I’m not gonna pack it out and take a selfie with it.
I can do that at SVScon with both me and the commissioner. We should have a pillow for it by then too. ^^

But I did take some pictures of it, that I can post. just gonna “edit” the NSFW bit. >_>

OMG the Braeburn daki is already here holy shit!

It was shipped out from Houston a week ago and it’s already here. Oooh, I can’t wait to tell the commissioner. XD

The two of us ended up together somehow
- Virus

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Shipping my Enderman, Eyden with my Creeper, Créme. XD

Oh, didn’t show you guys. I bought an Enderman figure today. :D

(photo from my Facebook)
Isn’t he just adorable?! :D

Gonna go buy a Creeper tomorrow, so I got real life Eyden and Créme. >w<

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Commission for Raggedy-whooves
Amazing that I managed to finish this in under 12 hours. Wow. XD

Hope ya like it, Raggedy~!