Yep, going to Eurofurence tomorrow. I’M SO EXCITED! ~and I just can’t hied it~

2 of my furry buddies are picking me up around 7:30-8:00 am and then we’re all taking the 6-7 hours long drive down to Berlin, where we’re gonna have the time of our lives with all the other awesome furs.

So, don’t expect to hear a single peep from me til Sunday/Monday, cause I’ll be jamming around at EF. :b

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are dogs even real

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I promise, Scauldy, if you don’t kill me, my friends and I will get you out to sea.
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My big sister walked into my room and asked, why I wasn’t working on Tanza’s feet anymore and I said it was be cause I’d gotten tired.
She then walks out to the kitchen, then returns a few moments later to see me writing THIS.
It was surpose to say EUROFURENCE 20.


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Tumblr just recommended a furry art blog to me, that’s gonna be selling stuff at Eurofurence. And the art is REALLY GOOD!

Tumblr. For once so far…. I’m happy about the recommending feature.
Thank you…

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Do you remember, how I’ve humanized my Xbox, PlayStation, blanket and computer? Well.. Now I’ve humanized my television too! It’s a grey Sony television and really.. The reason why I ended up humanizing it was, because I wanted an OC with a hat X’D
He ended up… Quite… Hot.. *gulp* 
I fucked up with the proportions on his torso, I know that, and sadly I didn’t realize it before it was kinda too late so… Yeah, you’d have to deal with that.. ovo’ Just look at his face instead, his face is gorgeous asfgsafhj!!

He’s bisexual. He’s a seke. Feel free to draw him doing dirty stuff with your OCs… He’d like that! *snicker* 

Anygay! Here’s my humanized television, Sebastian Sony! Enjoy! 8’D *cough*IknowIam*cough* 

Sebastian & art (c) me! 

Fucking hell, he is one hot diggedy handsome television! *drools*

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MUST the Screaming Death fly towards the camera with its mouth fully opened everytime it comes around in an episode? Seriously?!

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The sketch for a little “notice” I’ll be leaving here for when I leave for Berlin next week.
Gonna use my evening, when I’m too tired to sew, to finish it up, then the finished version will be uploaded Tuesday evening, before I go to bed, cause I’m leaving on Wedensday and won’t get the chance to get onto Tumblr before I leave, so yeah.


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missromancedy said: oh goodness i’ll double check my mod blogs tags for Five Nights at Freds, I have posts there D: even if you dont watch it at least it’ll help someone else ;v;

Ah, I don’t watch it (I want to though, but now I’m just gonna wait a little .w.”) but yeah, it might help someone else who don’t like jump scares, or just the game in general.

I don’t know why, I had no problem seeing things from the game earlier today/yesterday, but now my body reacts badly everytime I see something from there. o3o
Funny how things can do the switcharoo just like that on ya. XD

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Guys, PLEASE tag your Five Nights at Freddy’s posts and reblogs, so my Tumblr savior can catch it.

Just seeing a picture of them, apparently makes my heart jump or send a jolt through me and same goes for gifs. Especially the one with Foxy popping out from the left side.

I’m usually not one who’s all that easily scared, but jump scares, especially in games, can really get to me on a mental level, that I can feel sick to my stomach.
so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tag it! Even if it’s just fnaf, just please tag it.

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