Guess what I’m playing now. xb

dennybutt said: did u find all the eggs? :D

As I said, I didn’t finish it 100%. I got 58 out of 80 eggs and 71 out of 100 light gems.
So, I’ve managed to finish 71% of the game in 12 hours, 7 minutes and 18 seconds. xb

For the first time ever, I have finished Spyro A Hero’s Tail.
Not a 100%, but I just defeated Mecha Red, so I’m done.

I just burned my tongue on ketchup. Auch…

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Thought it was on time I finished the MILF Kuma. Soooo, here she is. c:

askchangeling said: Even just looking at the comments that aren’t hidden (yet)… Wow. Are these people for real?

Those I thought were “dramatic” has been hidden. Those that are there now is either waiting for some dramatic point or is not gonna be hidden, cause those people can actually have like a mature conversation about it.

I kind of feel like that's my fault, since I commissioned it.

You should NOT feel at fault for this. You are allowed to commission whatever the hell you wanna commission.

People should just learn to not take things so damn serious.
Especially that Ukraine, russian talking guy, omg he’s annoying!

No. I do NOT want any kind of drama on my images, dA!
*hides comments and grumbles*

Well well well. Look who I finally got some inspiration to draw. :D

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